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USA: Foster Farms refused to recall the suspect chicken shipped from its problem plants, saying that salmonella-tainted poultry is safe to eat if thoroughly cooked. The USDA refused to close the plants on the grounds that, unlike certain strains of E. coli, salmonella is not an adulterant, a poisonous or harmful substance. Fun bonus fact, Foster Farms salmonella contamination rate is  29 percent. I’m sure that someone was paid nicely to either prevent or abolish any laws that might have existed to prevent these types of outbreaks.

EU/Sweden:  If any trace of salmonella is found, that information hits the news immediately. All eggs from the same producer get pulled and the farm gets inspected. And until that inspection clears them are unavailable to sell eggs.  Europe’s zero-tolerance policy for Salmonella on chicken has resulted in significantly lower levels of contamination in recent years, with some estimates putting Salmonella levels below 1 percent in countries such as Denmark and Sweden.

Los Angeles Proposes Banning GMOs | HuffPost

Genetically modified organism (GMO)

USA: While about 90% of American corn, soybeans, and cotton are currently grown from genetically modified organisms (GMO) and 70% of all American processed foods contain GMO ingredients, a growing number of countries have enacted partial or total bans on GMO seeds and products. “Although labeling of GMO products in the marketplace is required in many countries, it is not required in the United States and no distinction between marketed GMO and non-GMO foods is recognized by the US FDA.” source

EU/Sweden:  Sweden is generally seen as being reluctant to use genetically modified organisms (GMOs).  Only one genetically modified (GM) product, the GM Amflora potato, has been specifically approved for commercial production in Sweden.  The potato is currently not being cultivated.  Adhering to European Union (EU) regulations, two types of corn are also approved for cultivation although no application or notification for production of GM corn has been received in Sweden.  While the Swedish government has adopted a case-by-case approach guided by the precautionary principle in accordance with the EU position, several local municipalities have taken a hard stance against GMOs and declared themselves “GMO free.”  Imported GMOs are used almost exclusively in fodder.

High Fructose Corn Syrup Side Effects - In5D Esoteric ...

High Fructose Corn Syrup

USA: Goran and Stanley Ulijaszek of the University of Oxford said of the 42 countries studied, the United States had the highest per-capita consumption of high-fructose corn syrup at a rate of 55 pounds per year. According to the study, which was published in Global Public Health, countries that use HFCS in their food supply had a 20 percent higher prevalence of diabetes than countries that did not use it. The analysis also revealed that the HFCS association with the “significantly increased prevalence of diabetes” occurred independent of total sugar intake and obesity levels.

EU/Sweden/Other: Countries with per-capita consumption of less than 1 pound per year included: Australia, China, Denmark, France, India, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Uruguay. “This research suggests that HFCS can increase the risk of Type 2 diabetes, which is one of the most common causes of death in the world today,” said study co-author Stanley Ulijaszek, director of the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Oxford.

It all leads back to corruption, greed, and bribery in the US government, if the rewards out weigh the risks, then these types of issues will continue to occur.

Follow the money.

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  1. I think it all comes down to the individual. If we educate ourselves and simply refuse to buy the offending products, they will stop being profitable for the big corporations in the US. Change starts with each one of us.

    1. I agree fully, it would take a huge movement in America to change how we eat, what foods we buy. Especially HFCS, it is so addictive. I also believe that change is possible.

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