Swedish Pancakes – Flippin Around

It’s been a few weeks since we last posted about our first attempt at a Swedish dish…..”Saturday Morning Pancakes, Swedish Style”  or so I thought.  Since then we have received some valuable and much appreciated feedback on improvements to be made.

Hasse, thank you for the suggestion on replacing the oil with butter, a quick and easy fix, and to my liking as well. I much prefer butter over oil any day. It was also suggested to flip these bad boys in the air!? No big deal right?  Sure, we totally got this…..  Well maybe not totally, but we are willing to give it our best, and any failures will be to Pup’s benefit.  Not to mention, flipping pancakes sounds like good fun to me.

Linus, thank you as well for your detailed recipe and cooking instructions. I admit I was happy to hear that there was no need for the vanilla extract, as this was not easy to find here. We can certainly do without the sugar as well, we get enough of that from the candy store. I will admit I am quite pleased I get to keep the jam in the recipe.  Linus also suggested flipping in the air, given this has now been suggested by two Swedes, there is no way we can do it any other way.

While it is not Saturday, with this new found knowledge, thanks to Hasse and Linus, we set out to remake these tasty pancakes.  Perhaps start something new….Tuesday Morning, um I mean afternoon Pancakes, Swedish Style.

Let’s start with the revised ingredients. Notice there is no vanilla, no sugar, and no oil, as we have replaced that with butter, or shall I say, smör.

Now I would like to say that we nailed the flip first try, but that would be far from the truth.  Despite the failed attempted Lary and I got lots of laughs in our attempt to get the perfect flip.  The first flip was a total fail, but not a total loss. Pup’s was the benefactor of this failure.

Now…our next attempt….wait for it….this is a good one! Perfect if I do say so myself. Lary nailed it!

And finally the finished product.  Both Lary and I agree that these are much more tasty. We do not miss the sugar we included in the previous recipe, and the raspberry jam was just perfect.

Swedish Pancakes

Swedish Pancakes

And let’s not forget the “Flipin’ Failure”  we had to share this with Pup’s as she ever so patiently waited for her share of our Tuesday afternoon pancakes

As you can see we enjoyed the results, and decided this success deserved a little celebration.

A special thanks to Hasse and Linus for your suggestions, not only do we appreciate this type of feedback and interaction with our readers,  Lary and I had a great time this afternoon experimenting with pancake flipping!  We truly appreciate having interaction with our readers!

Please let us know what other traditional Swedish recipes you would like us to try.  We love the challenge of learning new recipes and enjoy sharing our experience and results along the way.

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