Swedish Pancake Ingredients

Saturday morning pancakes, Swedish style

After two days, and two different stores I have nearly collected all the ingredients I need to make my first Swedish dish. Well, let me be more clear, my first Swedish dish not from the frozen food section.  We have been enjoying the easy to make frozen Swedish meatballs, but anything from a bag I don’t really consider as making a dish. This, however, is from scratch.  Taking into consideration the limited kitchen supplies I have, i.e. no baking dishes, cookie sheets, casserole dishes, cake pans, etc.  I decided to make Swedish pancakes, it takes minimal ingredients, and I actually have a frying pan. Looks fairly simple right?  It’s just pancakes after all, I have made these a million times, just American style. You know big, fluffy, and more sugar!

Swedish Pancakes Ingredients

The ingredients were simple or so I thought.  It only calls for eggs, milk, flour, white sugar, vegetable oil, and vanilla extract.  We go to store number one, which by the way, we did find a closer store to us, it is less than half the distance of ICA.  So we go there, and were able to get everything but the vanilla, and the berries. The berries are more for aesthetics really, you don’t need to have them. They also taste yummy and are healthy. We decide if we are going to do it, let’s do it right.  We only have a short period of daylight, and so we call it a day and decide we will make the trip to ICA the next day.  Next day rolls around, we make the trip, berries….check, vanilla…..NOPE!  This is an ingredient you could probably find at the local Circle K back in Florida, but seems to something of a specialty item here. I decide to accept this cooking challenge anyway. As Barney Stinson would say, “Challenge Accepted!”  I have a decent amount of experience baking and I know how important vanilla can be, so these pancakes could either taste really good, or be terrible.  Nonetheless, I have committed to making them, and it will also serve as our Saturday morning breakfast. So here goes nothing….

I read over the online recipe, selected by Lary. The instructions have been already translated to American measurements, thank you internet…sort of.  I realize that while I can understand all the measurements with my American brain,  a cup here, tablespoon there, per the online recipe, all the measuring instruments in the house are metric. YIKES!  Once again, Google to the rescue.  Remember when I mentioned how dependent we are in the internet?  Here is another example of that.  No internet, means no conversion, means really guessing at it.  So I double check all the measurements and conversions, mix it all together and start the cooking process.  I would like to note that I noticed the egg shells here are considerably thicker than the paper thin egg shells I am used to. I am not really sure why, just an observation I had.  As suspected the process for making these pancakes are quite easy.  They are much thinner than American style pancakes. They resemble a crepe more than an pancake, and have more of an egg like texture than the fluffy pancakes I am accustomed to.  There was a bit of trial and error getting nicely shaped pancakes and by the last one figured out if I simply make them the size of the pan, they come out perfectly round.  All part of the learning process.

The final result, delicious and fruity! I spread some jam on them, rolled them up, lined them with blueberries, and sprinkled with sugar. They were enjoyed by the entire household, including Pups, who graciously helped me finish mine. While they are much thinner than American pancakes I would say they are equally as filling.  Lary rated them a 9, I will take that as this was my first attempt. Now I am out to find out how I can make these a 10! 

The picture below is a representation of my first 3, not so perfect in their roundness, but just as tasty!

Swedish Pancakes - Final Product

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