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This morning I got up bright and early…well maybe not bright as it rarely is here, but early nonetheless. Pups was out of food and so I wanted to make my way to the local store here and pick up some dog food, and maybe a few other items. We are expecting another couple days of off and on rain, given our mode of transportation these days is our feet, I didn’t want to make the trip in the rain.   So off I go…..

As I enter the store the smell of kanelbullar fills the air,  these are cinnamon buns and one of my favorite things here! These will be a nice treat when I return home to enjoy with a hot cup of coffee.  Despite the biting cold,  I am enjoying my walk and decide to take the long way, which is more scenic and well of the road so it is also safer, as where we are are living we don’t have a foot path to walk on.

I love taking pictures along my walk, even if they are with my phone. As I kneel down to take a picture of a small foot bridge I look up and notice a large structure on the water.  It is a good distance away, but my curiosity overruled the possibility of being caught in the rain, and so I made my way out there to investigate.

As I approach, I still have no earthly idea what I am looking at. Making my way around the entire structure, I remain clueless…..

Still curious I make my way up the fairly steep ramp to the top, however, this did not reveal to me what the purpose of this structure is, it did provide a very nice view of the area.  I stood up there as long as I could, the wind was very cold and somewhat strong. My naked hands got so cold they began to hurt, and so I carefully made my exit back down the ramp. I also knew that my time was limited and I wanted to avoid being caught in the rain if possible.

Although I was not able to determine what this was, I enjoyed this excursion on my trip to the store.  It’s these things that bring a little bit of fun to the gray and cold days, which are plentiful here in Sweden. Perhaps one of our readers can shed some light on what this mysterious structure is?

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  1. That looks like an old WWII military bunker. The diagonal ramp used to be its entrance, but it has been filled with concrete to prevent various mischief.

    Hope you’ll have some better weather soon!

    1. Author

      Ah yes! That makes perfect sense now. It certainly was a nice little deviation from my normal route home.

      I think we may get some nicer weather by next week….hopefully 😊

          1. I do realise that sunbathing may seem a bit abstract right now.

            I suggest you:
            • Increase your indoor lighting
            • Take some vitamin D pills
            • Have a lot of coffee


          2. Author

            Alot of coffee… check! Will need to work on the lighting and vitamin D right now. 🙂

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