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Two sunny days in a row…? In winter, in Sweden? No way. We woke up bright and early, same as yesterday, but this time our objective for the day was to make our way into Malmö Central and explore our surroundings further. Prior to leaving the house we just barely managed to set up the Skanetrafiken app and purchased two bus tickets for 37.50 SEK ($4.57 USD). After our 30 minute walk we finally arrived at the local village. We noticed the bus was sitting there waiting for passengers. Luck was on our side today! We boarded the bus last (in case we caused a hiccup) to our surprise, the QR codes worked flawlessly. SUCCESS! Depending on where you’re from the words “wonderful” and “public transit” may go together like toothpaste and orange juice. But let me tell you first hand, the public transit systems in Sweden are relativity cheap to use, amazingly efficient, and very comfortable. Finally, we were mobile…

Electric bus in Malmo

Upon arrival, we hopped off the bus, covered head to toe in all of our coziest clothes. We were almost to Malmo central, alas, the last step was to purchase another train/bus ticket to take us the last leg of the trip. We purchased the tickets at the train station terminals and went straight to the digital sign for more information. It had listed our bus as “E”,  and that it would be arriving in 14 minutes. We said to ourselves, “we can do this”, considering we had just walked past stops A, B, and C. We started speed walking and quickly passed stops A, B, C, and even D, but no E. We followed the trail of bus stops and after 20 minutes of walking in a huge circle decided to give up. After all, the tickets were only 50 SEK ($6.10 USD) – lesson learned! Don’t buy tickets if you can’t make it in time. While we blindly walked around Malmo Arena we did notice quite a few stores, banks, restaurants, business buildings, and one large structure that caught our attention. It was a mall, a big one at that. We decided to venture in and immediately we we’re impressed. They had every sort of store inside, everything was clean, orderly, and calm – what a wonderful mall.

Emporia Shopping Center, Malmo

While we never made into Malmo Central, we discovered that everything we needed was a cheap bus ride away. The local grocery store in the nearest village serves us for 90% for the things we need and everything else can be found at the Emporia Shopping Center. Maybe we won’t need to go into Malmo Central as much as we initially thought.

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  1. But…do they have a hardware store?? Gotta have a hardware store! Did you find your vanilla?

    1. Hi Luzy! Thank you for commenting and keeping up with our blog. There is a store in the mall, I don’t recall the name, but it is like having a Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Ace Hardware, Best Buy, and Sporting Goods all in one. Of course each section isn’t large, but you can find what you need there. Anything from hair dyers, to 3D printers, to backpacking gear, and ratchet sets. I was very impressed with this store!

      There are also two grocery stores there, and I did find my vanilla! Along with anything else we may need for our grocery needs.

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