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It was one of those rare, sunny winter days, and good thing, we had a decently long walk ahead of us. Making the most of the daylight hours, which are pretty limited here in Sweden, we get up at sunrise. Not exactly early, but early enough for us considering we are still adjusting to the time change. Sunrise here isn’t until after 8:30am, a welcome change to the 6:30am sunrise back in Florida. 

Plenty of firewood stocked up for winter in Sweden!
Morning sunrise the day of “Trek for Sek”.

Our agreed objective for the day was to acquire some SEK (cash) to pay for a bus ride to Malmö. To our dismay, the closest bankomat  (ATM) was 6.4km (3.97 miles).  We knew it was going to be a long day, so we layered up and prepared for a sunny, yet lengthy walk. We were about 30 minutes into our journey, when we discovered a hidden trail leading to a magical looking forest. The curvature and density of the trees reminded me of something from “A Neverending Story”. We immediately jumped on the trail and began exploring.  Not only was this a more scenic route, but it was a more direct route to the bankomat.

Hidden Forest in Malmo, Sweden.
Hidden forest path in Malmo, Sweden.

By the time we acquire the SEK, we had been walking for about 2 hours and were fairly hungry.  We search our Google maps for a place to eat, and found several pizzerias, but only one that is open.  It was not very close, but not too far either, so we decide to make our way towards the restaurant. We never actual found this supposed open pizza joint, although we found a closed one.  What we did find was a small grocery store where we purchased some fruit and bread to snack on while we began our trek back home. It was such a nice day we decided to head home on foot, and forgo the bus.  This was a good choice, because little did we know the buses don’t actually take SEK in the county we are in. The buses here only accept credit cards, tickets purchased via the Skanetrafiken app, or what is known as the “JoJo Card”.  We thought that the buses took only SEK, hence the 15.5km round trip walk to obtain it. Nonetheless, we had a beautiful day, got lots of exercise, and have some SEK tucked away just in case. The icing on the cake, finding a beautiful forest trail.  While we didn’t make it into Malmö today, we always have tomorrow, and the weather is looking good for another adventure. Day by day we are learning how to navigate daily life here in Sweden.

Trek for SEK frozen lake, Malmo, Sweden.

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