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The best way to start your day

I know what you may think – who has time for a daily self-care routine?

I was in the same boat with the same line of thinking, even after skipping out on the corporate world. I still made excuses or felt I lacked time for a meaningful morning routine.

It’s all about changing your mindset and habits. I bet you have more time in the morning than you think. Give yourself 30 days, I went for 60 days of keeping up a routine. You will thank yourself for doing it and wonder how you ever lived without it!

Let’s WWAP!

First order of business – that is after I feed all the animals that lovingly wake me up each morning with not so gentle nudges and loud purrs, hydrate! This is something I used to neglect, not that I wasn’t thirsty, I just prioritized other things, such as coffee. Then in the midst of my morning rush I would forget and before you know it I am beginning work and have had no water for the day. Hydration is so vital to your overall health and your mental well-being.

It would surprise you how much happier and less irritated you feel when you are giving your body lots of water. Not to mention your body just functions better this way, from cognitive ability to digestion. I gave it a cute little nickname – WWAP or Water With a Purpose. That purpose is your health. Often this means drinking a full 600ml glass of water at one time. Casual drinking doesn’t work for me.

Get Moving

I am sure you have heard it a 100 times! Exercise in the morning. It will do wonders for you! Listen, I worked at 9-5 for 17 years and most of those years my mornings comprised rolling out of bed, into the shower and grabbing my coffee to go. However, just 15 minutes of movement in the morning will wake you up more than that cup of joe. My movement of choice is Yoga and because my schedule allows for it, I opt for 60 minutes each day. I use an amazing app called Down Dog; I pay for it, but it is much less than an unused gym membership and the company will work with you if you can’t afford it. There are also a variety of other work outs provided by this company.


Now hang in there with me. Another essential part to this morning routine is meditation. Again, you need not sit and mediate for an hour or even 20 minutes. Taking just 5 minutes to quiet your mind or trying to, makes a significant impact. Trust me, there are mornings that my mind just won’t quite, so I sit and quietly observe the craziness that is my mind. I promise you, if you can do this, if you are willing to do this, you will thank yourself. I highly recommend Insight Timer. It’s an app (a pricey one), but I use the free version and it suits me fine.


This is a very important step, one that when I miss it throws off my day. If you are not really into journaling, consider a gratitude journal. Write what you are thankful for each day. It can be very simple. While writing them down I can feel my vibration rising and a smile comes across my face. Each day there is something to be thankful for, some days I don’t always feel it, and on those days I opt for simple things, such as just waking up.

If you want to take it to the next level, write some affirmations, your dream life, start scribing your dream reality as if it already exists. I do this every day. I get excited about my day and what it will unfold.

Depending on your mindset, write your feelings too. I don’t do this every day, only when something is on my mind. Seeing it on paper helps me to visualize my own emotions differently and make better sense of it.

Rainbows and Unicorns

My morning shower is religious! In the hotter months I drink a smoothie each morning, I do this while taking a hot shower. IT. IS. AMAZING. Please try it! The yummy smoothie and hot shower are like all the magical things, I am talking rainbows and unicorns! I also highly recommend giving yourself a quick facial massage each day. It doesn’t take long, maybe 3 minutes, longer if you have the time. It wakes the face up and makes you look vibrant, ready to kick butt!

You can do this! No matter your time frame. Even taking each of these and doing them for a few minutes will make an enormous impact. Maybe it won’t feel that way at first, it will be another task for you to add to your already lengthy list. However, give it time, and you will come to wonder how you ever lived without doing it. This is true whether you are male or female. Giving yourself love each day will help you be in the mindset to spread your light and love to others. Remember – the more beautiful and radiant your light shines, the more you can shine on others.

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