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Hello, beautiful people! Let’s WWAP. Remember, “Water With a Purpose.”. I mentioned this in a previous post and stated that the purpose is for your health, so let’s dive in a little deeper.

Water is so vital to your overall health. Our bodies are comprised mostly of water, but let’s break this down a little more..

Your body, the human body is somewhere around two-thirds water. This includes your tissues and organs you need to function, they are mainly water. Your brain, for example, is made up of 73% water! If you are feeling a bit foggy, perhaps think about your water intake. Your skin, the largest organ in your body, is made up of 64% water. If you are experiencing skin problems, again check your water intake. Even your blood is predominantly comprised of water. We are water-dependent. You need water to maintain your overall health and well-being.

You need to start thinking about water as an essential nutrient that your body needs. Just as you need a certain amount of food each day, your body needs water. Lot’s of it! I tell myself, “Time to WWAP!” then walk to the kitchen and drink a glass that is about 800 ml, just shy of a liter of water. I rarely just casually drink water. I make it an activity I dedicate to hydrating. I do this no less than 5 times a day, that’s 4 liters of water or one gallon. However, it is hot and dry here in Portugal. On days I am outside often, I will drink more. Always drink when you are thirsty, it is your body telling you, you need to hydrate. Also, be conscious of how dark your urine is. If it is very yellow, you are not drinking adequately.

Top 5 Reasons Drinking Water is Important!

1. Brain Function

I have always been fascinated with our brains, they are some seriously powerful tools! Drinking water is brain food. Think about the things it does daily. You would be rendered useless without it. Drinking water is an easy way to thank it. It is 73% water, so when you are not drinking enough, it can affect your brain health in many ways.

Here are some examples:

  • Ability to concentrate
  • Cognition
  • Your moods, emotions and stress (we will dive deeper on this one)
  • Memory
  • Blood flow & oxygen to the brain
  • Headaches

2. Weight Loss & Detox

Your consumption of food and water should be something you orchestrate to work smoothly together, like a dance. I drink my water 20 minutes before a meal, then again 2 hours(ish) after a meal.

This keeps your organs working accurately, such as how your body processes food and toxins in your body. This also can help in eating less when trying to lose weight. If your stomach is half full of water, you will feel full faster than when eating on an empty stomach. Additionally, there have been several studies that show drinking water can increase your metabolism for some time. Point being, drinking water can and will help you to lose weight if that is a goal you have.

Your organs (most of them), are predominantly made up of water. This means your hydration is key to them working accurately. Your liver and kidneys are designed to flush toxins or process the toxins in your body. Lack of water makes their job hard and less efficient. Lack of water can result in a higher risk for UTIs and other problems in the kidneys. If you have ever had a UTI, this alone should be convincing enough.

3. Healthy & Youthful Skin

Okay, ladies and gents! We all want beautiful, youthful, and glowing skin. You can use all the products and creams in the world, but if you are not hydrated, your skin is going to be a reflection of that.

Lack of hydration in your skin can leave your skin looking dry and dull and diminish that young-looking plump skin we all want. It’s bad enough this decreases naturally with age; let’s not add any fuel to that fire.

Water will help moisturize your skin, restore tissues, increase the elasticity of your skin, and flush out impurities. The increase in circulation and blood flow from drinking water will give you that beautiful glow to your skin. One of my favorite compliments is “You are glowing.” to me, this is a sign of health and hydration.

4. Digestion

We all know what digestion means, and when this isn’t working right, we feel terrible; am I right? Did you know that if you are not hydrated enough, in other words, dehydrated, your body will pull water from your stools?

I am sure you can gather what this causes; constipation. Yuck! I mean, who wants that? I am sure all of you have experienced it from time to time, and it is not only uncomfortable but can be painful and lead to other health problems.

4. Moods, Emotions and Stress

This is one of my favorite benefits! Our daily lives alone take a toll on our moods, emotional health, and stress levels. Why not give ourselves a helping hand. As a female who is also highly sensitive to the energy of others, this is even more important.

I read a study regarding water intake and the effects on moods in general. The research study was done on average individuals going about their daily lives. They studied individuals who had a high water intake (decreasing it) and those with a low water intake (increasing it).

They concluded that increasing the water intake on individuals with a lower baseline average, showed beneficial effects, such as a decrease in fatigue, confusion, thirst, and overall sleepiness. Whereas, the decrease in water intake for those that were at a high baseline resulted in significantly increased thirst, with an equally significant decrease in calmness, contentedness, positive emotions, and energy levels.

I am a living example of this as well. As I mentioned before, I was not always good at properly hydrating myself, hence the creation of WWAPing. Coming up with a cute little nickname helped me to create a routine with it, paired with my mother’s method of 20 minutes before a meal/2 hours after a meal, has made significant impacts on my mood, energy, regularity and sleep.

What did we learn?

Your body needs water. There are far more than the 5 reasons I listed above, such as muscle recovery for one. If you are on a fitness routine and finding it hard to keep on schedule because your muscles are aching and you just can’t, drink more water. Also, side note, cherries help with muscle recovery, among other things, they are really quite amazing little bits of goodness. I know that is off-topic, but I love cherries and was surprised to find this out.

Let’s all make it a point to WWAP! Ask yourself, have you WWAP’d today? If the answer is no, do it! I start my morning off with an 800 ml glass of water before I do anything. Following my yoga sesh, I drink another 800 ml of water. So before 8 a.m. I have had almost 2 liters on water. I am full of energy, even without coffee. In fact, I could forgo coffee, I just don’t want to because I really enjoy the taste of a strong cup of black coffee!

Tip: If you want some variety in taste, I sometimes add an herbal tea bag to my cold water. It adds just a tad of flavor without any added sweeteners to take away from the health benefits of drinking water. I use a infuser water bottle, similar to this one.

Now get out there and start WWAPing today!

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