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We spent only a few short days in Stockholm before we began our next trek over to Malmö, where we will be staying until the end of March, and thank goodness for that. I think….I know I speak for us all when I say we ready to be done traveling for a bit. At least with a ton of luggage, dog, and little sleep, and little food. 

On the plus side, by now we know our way to the train station, the minus, it’s 8am on New Years Day and we have about 113kg of luggage to carry and our pups, for those Americans who don’t know the metric system that is about 250 lbs.  And if you don’t know the metric system don’t feel bad, it’s not your fault, it’s America’s fault. I had to google it myself as I am trying to learn it now that we are living in Sweden.  It was a short walk approximately .8km, or .5 miles, but it might as well be 10 times that distance, up hill, through gravel, one bag that kept tipping over. It was highly frustrating.  And this is just the beginning, we have to get on a train from Sullentuna(just outside Stockholm) to Stockholm Central, and from there get on a train to Malmö.  We get on the train in Sullentuna with little problems, get off at Stockholm Central and after going to 3 different ticket counters finally find a terminal we can actually purchase tickets at.  I admit there was a bit of sticker shock when I went to purchase the tickets, and all together they were 5000 SEK, and over an hour before departure.  We decide to make our way to the platform and wait for the train there, and surprise, it’s outside! Just a wee bit nippy out, but there was no way we were going to carry our luggage back down the stairs, yes stairs, no elevator.  I decide we need to eat so I make my way back downstairs while the boys sit with our luggage and pups, as I remember seeing a Burger King and I wanted a bacon, egg and cheese croissanwich like you would not believe. Much to my dismay BK is not open for breakfast here, or at least at that train station.  So to the store I go,  there was no hot food, and all the sandwiches were not familiar. The only word I knew was “ost” which is cheese, but I was a little leary of what meat was on there. So I went with a pastry of some sort.  You can really never go wrong with doughy sweetness! Whatever it is.  It was not filling by any means, and not nutritious, but it was something. 

The time passed fairly quickly, and before we knew it our train had arrived.  We once again haul our luggage, or shall I say the boys got the luggage on the train. I sat at the closest seat available, about which time I was approached by a very energetic, borderline frantic woman of very small stature, that told me “this is a no dog cart, are you hard of seeing or something” I took that as I could stay if I was blind or close to it, but otherwise I had to leave.  She runs me down the platform to the cart that is dog approved, and when I say run, we are literally running down the train platform.  She practically pulls me into the the right train cart, and I look back and the boys are no where to be seen.  There was nothing else to do, but to sit down, gather myself and pull out my phone to check on them. Luckily we had WiFi, so I was able to connect via SnapChat.  They made it on the train as well, a few carts back and within minutes we were reunited…..and it felt so good! Sorry, had to go there.  

I have to talk a little about pups, she was amazing on the train ride. Much more relaxed than she was on the plane ride, and previous train rides, and thank goodness for that. We were all so tired, we did not sleep much with the previous night being New Year’s Eve.  Not long after getting on the train, there was a little baby, if I had to guess I would day she was about 10 months old. She was steady on her feet as long as mom or dad was holding her hands, but not yet walking on her own.  She approached pups with a smile and a giggle, and pups very slowly and gently stuck her head out from under our table and lightly touches the girl with her nose on her face, and an audible giggle erupts from the girl.  I wish now I had my phone handy for a quick picture, but I was too taken back by the interaction. I have never seen pups with a baby before, but her reaction was instinctual. It was a beautiful moment.  

We tried our best not to nap on the train, as an attempt to reset our clocks. If we could stay awake all day, surely we would be tired and go to bed at a normal time once we arrived at the Malmö house.  My efforts however, failed. With about an hour left I dosed off and had a little nap.  It was so nice to finally arrive at Malmö central, a station we actually recognize.  We quickly found a place to rest a minute and grabbed some Subway to fill our stomachs since we would be arriving at a house with no food.  We could have taken a bus to the new house, but the bus stop was 3km from the house and we just didn’t have it in us to walk again with all the luggage. At this point the sun had set, it was windy and a bit wet, so we rounded up a taxi.  It was only a 10 minute drive to the house and finally we have arrived.  This time we could settle in, unpack, and not think about moving all our stuff for 3 months.  I can’t even begin to say how comforting that feeling was!

Now it is time to get acclimated, get the lay of the land and begin to make this our home for the time being.

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