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Hey gorgeous, yeah you, I am talking to you. If you haven’t told yourself today, tell yourself right now; I am beautiful me! Your rough, judgmental inner critic will argue this, but it’s true. Let’s not focus on outward appearances, though; the world does that for you. Instead, let’s nurture ourselves internally. Glowing from the inside shows on the outside, people will notice your radiance. They won’t notice your wrinkled shirt, your messy hair, or if in my case, that one whiley eyebrow that doesn’t want to behave.

Let’s explore some ways to connect with your truth, who you really are, not who the world has trained you to be.

Conversations with a 5-year-old

So, you are having this miraculous awakening; it is butterflies and rainbows, right? Wrong! Personal/spiritual growth is tough. You experience times you want to hide, scream and cry! But growth of this nature is learning to be present. You can’t be present if you don’t walk through your shit first. It means shedding old habits, thought patterns and opinions you had of yourself. This is the hard part; it is never easy to drudge up painful memories. Mourn them and let them go. They are the building blocks of your life, but you don’t need them running your life if they are no longer serving you. Your past; it’s done, learn and move on.

An important part of my journey are my conversations between me and me. This often requires me to travel back to a purer version of myself, naturally authentic, uninhabited and not tainted by the stains of society. I use an old photo; I was around 5-years-old. I am sitting cross-legged on the ground, dirty as usual, with an enormous smile of my face. Blissful ignorance. What do you expect she’d say? It’s not that children have confidence, it’s that they don’t understand the lack of confidence. An innocent mind is magnificent; it is something we can learn from when we allow it.

Me – 1984

When I tap into my inner child, my current self attaches to those emotions. It is there that my sub conscience believes what is true. You are perfect; remember, we are born in a perfect image. Children don’t question this, as we age and experience ridicule, failure, disappointment; we drift further away from this state of innocence. It takes significant work to rise above your conditioning.

Convincing the 40-year-old me, to listen to my inner child, is an arduous task. I use “I am” affirmations during meditations. The key is that you honestly believe them. If your sub conscience mind doesn’t accept them, they won’t work. This is where it becomes important (for me) to tap into my younger-self. This practice helps my conversations with the current version of me more meaningful, let’s not forget, I am speaking the O.G. me. My first experience talking with younger me was powerful, let’s just say, there were tears.

I create this space for myself every day. I am free to say everything I need to and have any emotion that comes without judgment. Please be patient, creating a judgement free zone for yourself, learning to push your doubt aside and pull the truth closer takes practice. I have to catch myself from judging my own thoughts when I drift or when I hear that voice in the back of my head saying that what I state in my affirmations isn’t true. The more you practice, the more aware you become, and the faster you catch yourself. Try to not get frustrated. There is no deadline to meet. Learn to talk with yourself, connect with your inner child, what feelings are you experiencing and why? Create a daily check-in and hug yourself, self holds, are especially soothing. Love on yourself as much as possible. If you have a hard time doing this, love on your younger self. You wouldn’t deny a child love and trust me, you will still connect with this energy.

It is worth mentioning that talking with your inner child is sometimes painful too. Many challenges we face as adults stem from events in our childhood. That said, your inner child is waiting and willing to be healed. You just have to tap into her.

You are worth it!

I am no expert; I am still in my infancy of exploring serious, intentional growth. What I can offer is a glimpse into my journey to share what has helped me. I have learned; if you take the time to understand yourself, you will discover more peace and more love than you imagined possible. You need not settle for your current circumstances. Whatever you want is possible, you just need to convince yourself that you are worth the effort. Go talk to your 5-year-old self, let him or her tell you how amazing you are!

Fabulous Me – 1986

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