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Hello! I recently moved to Sweden with my humans. I was born in Florida and I’m about 1.5 years old. I am a German Shepherd mixed with Belgian Malinois since everyone always seems to ask “what kind of Shepherd is that?”. I love taking naps around 12:00 but that recently changed to around 14:00, doggy jet lag, you know.

I love going on adventures with my humans and running around outside. I also enjoy a good stick every now and again, and between us, I sometimes sneak a stick inside the house and chew it into a billion pieces, but don’t tell my humans, I don’t think they’ve caught on yet.

Every now and again, I use my paws as attention grabbers, no really, I wack my humans in their faces to get their attention and then give the humans my puppy eyes, it always works.

The weather here in Sweden is awesome! My double coat of fur works so much better here than in that hot sticky Florida place. This past winter, I did shed quite a bit though, enough to make about 2 Laika edition pillows.

Have a good day everyone, I must go, it’s about my nap time..

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  1. Love the picture thanks it made my day very happy. You also look very happy.

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