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Permission. A word we all know very well as we spend our lives asking for it, wanting it or needing it. As children, we look to our parents for permission to do just about everything. As adults this continues, but we are seeking it from our bosses, co-workers, and perhaps friends and family.

On the flip side of this, we too are granting permission for things that may appear under our control. Permission from your S.O. to eat the last of the leftovers, or to spend more time playing video games, watching a sporting event… the list goes on.

But how often do you grant yourself permission? Permission to rest, take a time out for yourself. Permission not to worry about the next day, week, or month. Permission to be completely yourself, without the need to explain or justify your actions.

I don’t know about you, but I have been terrible at this. I give everyone around me permission to do as they please, and I continue to do what I think pleases them too. Thus, leaving me out of the equation. What I have learned, and am still learning, is that investing into yourself is the single more important investment you can make. Learn to accept and love yourself to the fullest extent. This means you must give yourself permission to grow through this, to give to yourself first. You will have more to give if you are full.

I wasn’t very good at practicing what I know I need, and so I was hit with a month long stint of vertigo. This was a blessing. Why, you may ask? Because it forced me to rest, to slow down, to listen to what my body was trying to tell me. Sometimes you need an illness to find the lessons you need to shed some light on.

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  1. I just reread this one. I needed to remind myself to give myself permission to chill. The way the world is right now, we need that more than ever!

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