Defining Success

As I am scrolling through FaceBook on a Monday morning, I am inundated with posts about how awful Monday is….the count down for Friday has begun…and so on, it reminded me that I no longer live in that world. A world where you are wishing the days away, waiting for 5pm on Friday so you can have at least one day of Freedom, because we all know by Sunday you are already stressed about Monday. As I am pondering this, I started thinking about what defines success. Of course this is different for different people. It could be a product of how you were raised, what you were accustomed to, what you think is expected of you, or what the world says success is.

Sadly, I think for most of us out there we are a slave to our jobs, to the mundane Monday-Friday hustle.  Waking up on Monday morning and giving ourselves a pep talk to gain the motivation we need to walk into the office and kick some major ass this week. We do this because it is what is expected of us.  Because we live in a world that, for many, defines success by your wealth, your education, and the title you hold as your job. The question you need to ask yourself, is with all this success are you happy?  Do you wake up on Monday, already wishing for Friday?

Here is the harsh truth…and bear in mind I realize this does not apply to everyone, but for most it does.  The countless hours you spend working in a job or career that drains the life out you, leaves you literally wishing your life away is not worth it in the end. If you were to move on from your job tomorrow, they will replace you and not bat an eyelash, leaving you feeling under appreciated for all the hard work you put in over the years. There is more to life than a large pay check, a nice house, nice car, and nice clothes.  Those things only bring temporary happiness, and in the end, none of those things matter. You will not be remembered for those things. You will be remembered by who you are, the energy you carry with you and spread on to others around you.

So what defines success?  You will have to answer that for yourself.  For me, I felt the most successful when I stopped wishing for Friday, when Monday’s became just as fulfilling as the weekend.  No I don’t have a large salary, or a large house, and no car at all. But I love everyday.  That is success.

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