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On a cold rainy day, in the dead of winter in Sweden, everything is freezing, including my toes. There is no central heating to be found…No wood fire burning stoves, no thermostat. The ground is so cold you’re afraid to take your thick fuzzy wool socks off for fear of losing your toes. What is a man to do? This room is far too nippy, a man must solve this problem. 

Back story, I have a decently powerful laptop I would say, with a full GTX 1070 crammed inside of it. I thought to myself, hmm, I need a way to benchmark my computer, or get it to start using the video card to kick out some heat for these toes. At first I tried opening hundreds of Firefox tabs, not enough heat… Played multiple video files in VLC, meh, small gpu/cpu temp gains. I’m an idiot, of course, just mine Bitcoin ffs. Two birds one stone!

 I ran as fast as my cold toes could take me over to Nice Hashes website and downloaded their great tool, which I have used in the past (as well other miner tools/scripts). Got it all configured and fired the old girl up! Now, if you know anything about mining and cryptocurrencies you know that the mining process forces your CPU / GPU to 100% utilization. Which in return equals cryptocurrency in hand and creates HEAT lots of heat! Bitcoin continues to amaze in more ways than one. Finally, my toes are nice and warm. Thanks Bitcoin!

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