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Thinking Bold blog is founded by two unlikely soul mates, Sarah and Jake. Together we embarked on a journey that would forever change our lives. We live in the now and take life as it comes. We don’t color within the lines and enjoy and beautiful and sometimes messy life. This is our adventure

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Our First Car

Hello! Welcome back to Thinking Bold. Pepper exploring her new freedom; Sammy still afraid to venture out. We had a busy week; I had a lot of inspiration on my blog (more to come), which keeps me busy, and our fur babies had some fresh adventures. We decided it was time to add to the ...
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Soul Food

Last night I had a sleepless night. My mind was racing. Sleepless nights are not pleasurable, however, I have found that when this happens, my mind is working through something, giving me insights. Now, I embrace these nights and listen to what is happening in my mind. I woke up knowing I needed to share ...
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Welcome Home

Olá! Welcome back to Thinking Bold. I have devoted myself to writing a post a week, but; more and more I am finding myself with an impulse to write more often. We have so many experiences to share since moving to Portugal. Given we had let our beloved blog fall to the wayside, I have ...
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Encarnação – Beaches and farms

Hello and welcome back! The next leg of our journey took us to the charming town of Encarnação, a sleepy little coastal town, close to Ericeira.
Tchau Porches! We stayed in our Airbnb in Porches for two months. That time went fast in the beginning and at a snail’s pace towards the end. Once we ...
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